Anybody ever mess with an IAI, which weer the predecessors to the newer Auto-Ordnance Carbines?
They were made locally to me, and guns like this are why I ask:
4380622_08_iai_22_ml_caliber_m1_carbine_r_640.jpg 4380622_02_iai_22_ml_caliber_m1_carbine_r_640.jpg
For Sale: IAI 22 spitfire M1 Carbine Rifle $ 399

Up for sale is a very nice and well taken care of IAI (Made in Houston) 22 spitfire M1 Carbine Rifle. It has some light scratches from minimal use and still in geat condition.
It'll need a new barrel - over $1/round is crazy for 5.7 Spitfire - but are they otherwise OK guns?