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Thread: Collecting and reading old NRA American Rifleman reprints

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    Collecting and reading old NRA American Rifleman reprints

    I have discovered American Rifleman reprints, the old ones. The ones where the authors are old school people like Julian Hatcher and some others who used to be regular writers in American Rifleman in the fifties and sixties.

    So far I have bought:

    "Metallic Sights" READ

    "Telescope sights" READ

    "Military Rifles" READ

    "Sighting-In Rifles and Shotguns" READ

    "Illustrated Shooters Guide" (sixties era) READ

    "Illustrated International Shooting Handbook" (sixties era handbook on position shooting, article by Gary Anderson in there from when he was a young competitor)

    "The M1 Rifle" newer version (PARTIALLY READ)

    "The M1 Rifle" old 1961 version (PARTIALLY READ)

    "Questions and Answers Handbook"

    "Shooting the .22 Rifle NRA Handbook No. 3" early fifties version

    "Gun Cabinets, Racks, Cases & Pistol Boxes"

    "Simplified Small Arms Ballistics NRA Handbook No. 2" early fifties version

    "The NRA Gunsmithing Guide...updated" Hardback early eighties version

    "NRA Illustrated Reloading Handbook...sixties era

    "The NRA Guidebook for Hunters" early seventies version

    "NRA Illustrated Shotgun Handbook" Has cool schematics for old pump shotguns like Winchester Model 12 and Winchester model 1897 and other pump shotguns

    "The .45 Automatic"

    I started buying these off ebay, started buying them about a year back. I gotta say, these old NRA reprints are full of info all gun culture guys and all marksman or wannabe marksman ought to have in their repository of knowledge. Inexpensive, fascinating and useful. I also gotta say after reading the ones Ive read, guys back in the fifties and sixties sure must have been a lot more hands on than most guys are these days. Going by these reprints I say that.

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