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  1. M1 kills
  2. Heres how we do it in rural Ohio
  3. Guns over Women
  4. New Member The Garand Guy
  5. JJ O'Shea and the M1 for Vets, my new prospective I want to share
  6. I'm here...
  7. Procrasticated long enough,
  8. Only 35 Members!!!!
  9. Avatar, BEST pup ever
  10. I succumbed to temptation....
  11. Since I'm kicked out of War Room
  12. War Room Rules
  13. Gun porn take 2
  14. So you want in the War Room?
  15. Shroomin
  16. First deer of the season!!!!!!!
  17. My small Helmet and bayonet collection
  18. No Turkey for this Turkey
  19. Life is short, have some fun guys.
  20. A different kind of project
  21. WW2 weekend AMAZING video!!!!!!!
  22. Any other Amateur Radio Operators here on BT?
  23. More Shrooms
  24. Never know what you'll find at a yard sale.
  25. I finally used My lamp!
  26. Wine country
  27. Wont be long now
  28. What is it???
  29. Allentown gun show
  30. Computer backup made easy for people who have three thumbs
  31. Made Kydex Mag Pouches
  32. I hate a damn tick...
  33. Good times....
  34. Any doctors in the house?
  35. "Good Times" for me too...
  36. So is the cmp forum down?
  37. Any guitar pickers in the house?
  38. Lets Lure Fontenot Back!!!!!
  39. I'm a Mountain Dew Junkie
  40. Concealed Carry Laws!
  41. What I did this Sunday
  42. The coolest use of smilies contest
  43. Memorial Day
  44. Nice to know
  45. A link to Our local news about flood
  46. FOR LP-Jerome, MI has SHUFF.......
  47. WWII reeneactment in Peabody Kansas
  48. KS turkey hunt success!
  49. Gun Show today
  50. For those Who have been keeping track of the flood.
  51. WWII Rescue in Color
  52. 67 Years Ago Today
  53. video of ballistics
  54. Happy Father's Day
  55. Hunting wild hogs, what caliber do you use?
  56. MY Favorite Song!
  57. "Thank You" Button.
  58. The Second Amendment-The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing
  59. Got the Girls Loaded
  60. Lets see those service pictures
  61. new member hello to all
  62. Watching Battlefield los angeles
  63. I got to see FiFi today.
  64. I finally found a Model 71!!!!!!
  65. Gone Fishing
  66. 3.56 million SA first outing
  67. A million thanks!
  68. Attention those who live near Conneaut, OH!!!!
  69. midway village
  70. New reloading room...
  71. Happy Bithday Deputy!
  72. What I did this week
  73. First Fishing trip of the Year Today.
  74. Just saw the Pat Tillman Story
  75. Dad would be proud!
  76. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paid4c4!!
  77. Another case where wearing saftey glasses paid off.
  78. Going to the range
  79. Cross another one off the list...
  80. Pictures from Conneaut, OH D-Day 2011
  81. We haven't had music in a while!!
  82. Made in america!
  83. Wish me luck!
  84. What I did last week at work
  85. Recession My Azz-I Say We're In A Depression!
  86. Virtual CMP Forum
  87. Matt, update as requested
  88. My Weekend
  89. Attention those near Rockford, Il!!!
  90. Paid4C4 Message Inbound
  91. I love small towns
  92. welded receivers
  93. got to meet mr hanky!
  94. Finished My USN Front seam restore complete
  95. Happy New Year!
  96. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Dogboysdad!
  97. The Evil Kalashnikov
  98. Look what the UPS man brought me
  99. Killing Your Husband Is OK Around Here!
  100. First hunting of the Year(Bird)
  101. Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt. Big Ben, Cigar smoked.
  102. Happy Birthday LP!
  103. I don't Want To Interfere But
  104. Pork Roasts in the smoker today
  105. I Went To A Gun Show Yesterday And Didn't Buy Anything.
  106. For Humpi....
  107. Got some more Ducks
  108. I blew Someone's mind today
  109. Ihc awesome!!!
  110. I'm outta here....
  111. A RIDE WITH THE BLUE ANGELS! Raw cockpit footage.
  112. Videos courtesy of BEER
  113. What a day in the woods.
  114. Shuff Needs Our Help!!! He Illing Something Bad!!!
  115. Pig Hunting
  116. Movie of 1918 Tank
  117. I am now a master Gunsmith!
  118. Top shot
  119. I know we have a few video gamers... Battlefield 3
  120. Beavis and Butthead make their return tonight!
  121. Today's haul
  122. The kind of ad I'd like to do.
  123. The hot bitch got a call.
  124. Happy Birthday Big Ben
  125. Ohio whitetail harvest
  126. First buck
  127. Whatever Happened To S.381 - Collectible Firearms Protection Act?
  128. Wow
  129. I'mmmmmmmmm back!!!!!
  130. Grandpa passed this AM
  131. I Stole This From The Fal Files
  132. Honor Flights
  133. Trying to catch up
  134. Joe Paterno Fired, I like my football
  135. For the man who has everything
  136. You need to see this, Video Worth Watching
  137. Video Of The Day
  138. HR 822-A Good Thing Or Not? I'm Confused.
  139. Deer season
  140. Cold , windy and raining........
  141. To My Friends in Louisiana...
  142. occupy Wall Street
  143. I Shot My First Turkey Today
  144. Happy Thanksgiving
  145. A different kind of delivery form the CMP
  146. Went shopping today.....
  147. Big Thanks Garand guy!
  148. How Long Have you?
  149. Down to the wire Buck
  150. Toolman: JUST got you PM from 2 months ago!!!
  151. 190 yard muzzle loader kill
  152. Opening Day Ducks (late post)
  153. Good Joke
  154. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Scabbie!
  155. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Chaindrive!
  156. Oktoberfest In December!
  157. Help Me To Understand Contractors-PLEASE!!
  158. It has begun, it's Nog time baby!
  159. Should Battle Tested change it's name?
  160. Eric Moore-As per our conversation
  161. Just had Me a Myleogram Yesterday..
  162. CMP South Store Trip 12/14
  163. Dueling 1919A4's!!!
  164. Shufflin!!
  165. "Santa" said NO!!!
  166. Merry Christmas
  167. New Glock add
  168. North Korea-Laughed my azz off but after giving it some thought.......
  169. Happy Birthday Thomas, Wherever You Are!
  170. cute nativity scene
  171. Where Did America Go And Who Took It?
  172. Dog for sale
  173. Congratulations Are In Order!
  174. For Our Newest Member, HerkFE
  175. Be safe My Friends!
  176. Scary But True
  177. I Was Busted In Canton Ohio!
  178. Ohio Gun Collectors Association Gun Show January 7 & 8
  179. Anyone purchased from Jackson Armory
  180. Anyone else go to the range today??
  181. Been listening to Johnny Cash for the last hour
  182. Happy Birthday Elvis
  183. Made my own 1911 grips
  184. Man Rules
  185. I can stop posting now!!! :) :) :)
  186. Another project funded by M1 sales
  187. Some songs that I love.
  188. Your Wife
  189. Happy Birthday Cal30!
  190. BAD 30.30 Brass !!!
  191. Speaking of Girl Scouts..
  192. Greeting from 2500ft!
  193. Funny?
  194. Excellent short on woman hunters
  195. 2 Days worth...
  196. OH MY GAAAWD, now thats big
  197. Neat rear gunner WII movie
  198. WWII America's invasion by Japan.
  199. Guys,My Family needs Prayer
  200. Happy Birthday!
  201. Trying to catch Antlers
  202. Anyone from Oklahoma??
  203. Sundance Film 2012 Debutante Hunters, Yah Baby
  204. White Plains NY gun show
  205. Self Steering Bullet
  206. Reelguy thanks
  207. Your"Big Brother"is at it again.
  208. I'm off to an Ice Fishing Tournament.
  209. Thanks BT
  210. Job Opening... Light Bulb Changer
  211. Well Folks, I Decided I'm Running In The Red.
  212. Trying my hand at photos of deer season
  213. The problems of war. WWI
  214. 1957 compared to 2012
  215. Advantages in traveling in groups
  216. Antelope 2011
  217. Allentown Gun Show
  218. WW1 German Trench found in France.
  219. What's your recreational room look like?
  220. Walking Dead New Episode
  221. democrat Heaven
  222. Went Ice fishing again
  223. A little movie from work...
  224. Christie Orders Flags Flown At Half-Staff For Whitney Houston.
  225. USS Gabrielle Giffords
  226. Have to sort through my booty
  227. Cuomo Goes A Little Bit Too Far!
  228. Walking Dead
  229. Interesting futuristic German shooting range
  230. History changes once again
  231. Yah Baby
  232. Oktoberfest
  233. John M. Browning Museum
  234. Anybody ever been to the Dark Continent?
  235. Just got back from Louisville
  236. Don't try this at home or I should say on the way home
  237. Taking Care of a Friends Horse
  238. Buck Compton dies!
  239. Davy Jones Dead
  240. Obamas Birth certificate proven fake.
  241. The Gout says"hello"again...
  242. Neat weight loss site
  243. Some smoke from Down Under
  244. Biggest Loser.. Battle Tested style?
  245. Texas Sheriff Exam
  246. The commercial Shuff will appreciate...
  247. 12 Shots in 1.73 Seconds
  248. How fat are You?
  249. Walking Dead Reminder...
  250. Sammy Davis Jr.