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SP ammo for M1 Carbines ?

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  • SP ammo for M1 Carbines ?

    Does anyone here regularly use any factory soft point ammo in their carbines ?
    I have two, an IBM and and an Inland, both exhibit the following:
    FMJ works just great, but I get occasional and sometimes frequent failure to feed issues when I use Winchester or Remington factory SP.
    Should I consider throating and polishing of the feed ramp ? Something else ?
    Or, maybe I should just stick with what works... it would be nice to have the capability, though.
    Any advice and counsel / comments are welcomed.

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    Your using USGI mags right? How are the springs?

    I had failure to feeds in my fulton carbine with Privi Partisan Soft points, but they had alot more lead exposed than the remingtons. I had a bunch of feed issues with that rifle though, even with FMJs, I eventually attributed the problems to to worn out mag springs on the surplus mags I got from the CMP years back.

    I got NOS mags and the FMJs fed fine, but was out of JSPs at that point to test.

    I have some remington JSPs projectiles to reload into full rounds but haven't done it yet.


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      All USGI 15 rounders, some new in wrap == but I have just ordered a bag of Wolff springs to make sure they aren't the weak link.
      I will also try some Speer SP and some Hornady JSP, maybe some Winchester, too - various folks I have read said these brands were
      feeding OK - of course, some said the same about the PrviPartisan SP's...
      Thanks for the feedback - I will advise when I've had a chance to try the "variety pack" of ammo...


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        Sorry I can't help, only use fmj here.


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          I roll my own, fmj, sp, or whatever I can find. I have an IP and it eats whatever I feed it without fail, absolutely flawless functioning in over 20 years. Has a 2/43 Underwood barrel and I use GI mags.


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            Plainfield M2, has shoot 10,000 plus rounds over the last 20 years I owned it with a 60/40 mix of fmj and spoint. Never noticed any difference between the two, both run equally well. I do run a Wolff XP spring on both the action and magazine springs though and only use SEY 30rd magazines.


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              Back when carbines were used more as truck guns, a very long time ago now, Speer (I think) made a cheap bullet of 100 grains that was just a lead spud with a copper driving band around it. We loaded and launched hundreds of thousands of them at the local possum and crow populations, and just for the fun of it. Not the most accurate, but after all they weren't match bullets, and certainly none of us sixteen-year-olds ever dreamed of using an M1 carbine in a match anyway. Ha-- Looks like Speer is making something similar, though closer to a half-jacket than the original band, but that can't be a bad thing-- (not intended as an ad, just in passing)


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                I roll my own using the Speer 110gr hollow point boolit.