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9.3x62 Garand update.

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  • 9.3x62 Garand update.

    Breda receiver with Lothar Walther barrel and Schuster gas plug. The rifle uses a Holbrook device. Take a look at the videos.

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    Beautiful rifle there Fluffy. Didn't your PM ban all guns up there?
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      I have no experience with this round,but it is surely proven!
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        Sharp looking rifle. How is the accuracy?


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          Originally posted by blfuller View Post
          Sharp looking rifle. How is the accuracy?

          I was able to keep most of my shots in the 10 ring at 25 meters. I'm sure it's more than accurate enough to shoot a moose at 50 meters or so in the swamp.


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            Love my 35 Whelen Garand. Really wish the alternate caliber Garands in the 375 Ruger (358,375,416,458) or Win Mag cartridges (458) were being made as I'd have a few donor rifles ready to go.
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