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Just picked up my Mini-G ..

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  • Just picked up my Mini-G ..



    Just kidding ..


    This thing looks incredible, Tim. I sped to the gun shop as soon as they called to say that it arrived. For those curious about timeline, Tim received my stuff around 6/10 or so. I believe he was on vacation for some time as well, yet still turned it around ahead of his 90 day estimate. The timing couldn't be better. Beginning 9/13, NY state police are becoming an intermediary between FFLs and NICS, so things are about to get real stupid here.

    I first reached out to Tim nearly 12 years ago with questions about the Mini G conversion. Soon after I fell into some financial difficulty and made the regretful decision to sell off my firearms, including my CMP Special Grade M1, so I never went through with the project. Over the past few years I've built up my collection again, and a few months ago I finally decided to order an Expert Grade from the CMP and send it off to Shuff. This was a long time coming and I couldn't be happier with the result.

    I'll report back again after a range trip. I'm expecting some hiccups as I'm running new AEC clips with Prvi Partizan ammo, which is apparently a known bad combination. I'll have to pick up some surplus enblocs soon.

    Thanks again, Tim!

    Edit: Here's a higher quality photo of the rifle, as it looks like the forum compressed it a bit in my post -

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    In God we trust, all others pay cash.


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      Sweet! Enjoy it. I found that the more worn the en-blocs the better they seem to work. As far as Prvi Partizan I have shot a lot of it with no issues.
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        Very nice!