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Anyone Still Watching TWD?

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  • Anyone Still Watching TWD?

    Is anyone still watching? To be honest, itís about the only thing the wife and I still watch. I missed last Sunday due to illness, so iíll have to double-up this week.
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    Nope. I recently gave up. I switch to Hulu TV and they do not have the channel TWD is on. Iíve been wanting to give up on the show and used this as an excuse. It was way too slow developing. Lots of teasers, but no answers. I want to know how the whole thing started and wether the rest of the world is having the same problem but itís just a never ending rewrite of the previous season.


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      I don't really watch TV anymore, and we "cut the cord" last year - FINALLY. But my wife streams TWD from somewhere, she seems to like it.
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        I watch it when it comes to Netflix,we have no other means(on purpose).It is pretty boring to watch now though.
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          I'm on it!


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            TWD- an analogy for U.S. firearms owners?