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Thread: CMP 1911 pricing is out

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    Quote Originally Posted by jason60chev View Post
    Maybe it cannot be fired until it is checked out and any repairs/replacements made. I really still don;t see what the big deal everyone seems to be placing one these. Is it that CMP "certificate" identifying it as a real US Military surplus arm? Aren;t the vast majority of the 1911-1945 pistols US military surplus? Do people think that these will immediately gain a premium in value just because it came from the CMP? Are those people just looking to turn it around and make a quick buck? I just don't really get the "excitement" over these. Then, if you start replacing parts, all you might have left original are the frame and slide.

    Besides....I am in Afghanistan, at a very small NATO base. There isn;t even a US Psot office here and not even an ATM to get any cash!
    How the hell am I going to get an application notarized out here and then mail it back to the CMP? Lat time I mailed something from Bagram Air Base, it took three months to get to the States!
    3 flipping months? Wow!

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    Well, I was sent to another site in Kabul to get a New CAC. I took along the CMP 1911 Pistol paperwork, just in case there was a Notary Public there. Low/Behold, there was!!!!! So, I had my signature notarized. When I got back to my site, I completed the rest of the form and printed out the required documents, ID's etc, packaged it all up and have sent it home with one of our guys who went home on leave. He will mail when he gets to the states. I addressed it to my sister and will instruct her to re-mail the packet on 5 September, the earliest postmark allowed. I go home on leave in late October. The CMP is supposed to start randomly generating number on 5 October. Will see what happens. I don;t know if I really want one or not. If I get contacted while I am home, that would be great. Otherwise, I will have to wait another year until I get home. My 01 Dealer could take pics of if when it arrives. Have 5 pistols and 3 receivers waiting to be picked up when i get home. Will report back, if anything happens.

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