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Thread: Antique Winchester rifles

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    Antique Winchester rifles

    Hey, Any of you guys early Winchester collectors or dealers?
    I've always wanted one of the earlier lever action rifles. Research so far seems to indicate that with the 1866 running $5000 I'm probably priced out of that one, but could possibly swing an 1873 or newer.
    Just thought before I dump money at a show I'd check in with folks here. Kind of still kicking tires and learning about the series, but....?
    Any input appreciated.
    Thanks, Bob

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    I used to work for a pawn shop that had a museum with MANY old Winchesters,and lever rifles,including whitney/kennedy levers.My favorite were the model 92's,all were VERY expensive if originally finished.
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    Overall my favorite is the 1895. Beautiful piece of machinery.
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