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Thread: Anybody set up their M1 Garand for 300 yard battle zero?

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    Question Anybody set up their M1 Garand for 300 yard battle zero?

    Ive totally dropped out of the CMP community because Im not interested in competition. And they also do not seem to like me. However, Ive been shooting my M1 Garand a lot on my property. Ive set up my M1 Garand for the original 300 yard battle zero, ordered some professional target holders, two by fours and plywood and NRA SR targets, some combat silhouette targets and steel targets that hang from chain.

    I then extended the 200 yard shooting lane I carved out on my rural private property to 300 yards. I dont worry about nice tight groups, all I care about is whether or not I got a hit on the steel somewhere, the majority of the time. That I get a "clang."

    I configured my M1 rear sight to just one setting for all three positions @ 300 yards. Ive found this is very simple and is the way the as issued M1 Garand was supposed to be set up originally, not as some sort of a match rifle.

    Basically I shoot steel at 200 yards standing and kneeling and 300 yards prone. Ive gotten pretty good at it.

    Recently I bought an M1A and a bunch of 7.62 NATO ammo (ball) and am getting ready to set up a a 250 meter battle zero for the M1A. Synthetic stock, I find the M1A very similar to the M1 Garand.

    I found out when I greatly simplified my M1 Garand and stopped trying to think of it as some sort of "match rifle" or "semi match rifle," I began actually having fun.
    All M1 Garand rifles coming into the CMP's possession for resale, should be sold only to buyers who have shot an M1 Garand at a registered M1 match once a year. M1 Garand sales to non shooters should cease completely and immediately. If you want to buy M1s, you should be REQUIRED to shoot minimum one formal match per year, every year.

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    I have one position on my hunting rifle. That rifle is a an M14 modified Garand in 59 length. The setting I use is dead 0 at 200, a Deer high at 300. Easy peezy. She really does drop them right in so long as I sling up.

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