I built one of these about 12 years ago. It was a clone build, but it was built off an original Remington 700 receiver that the serial number was within the correct serial number range for the real ones. I had it also cut for the clip slot and if I remember correctly it was Texas Brigade Armory that did the work on it. It had a correct mount replica made by Badger (I think? It's been a good decade ago) and the scope, while the right model of Redfield with the little ranging tab, was a black one that had been professionally duracoated to green, as I couldn't find an original green anodized one. The stock had to be reworked to match the original pattern, but it came out nice. As I recall, the buttplate was not easy to find the right metal one. LOTS of little details on them that differ between the originals and the commerative version that Remington sold. A good overall clone, but little things like the script font on the "Remington" logo, etc. are different. If I can ever find the pictures I had of it I will post them, but I think they were all on the hard drive that got fried a while back. The gun itself and the XM-21 clone both got put into my shop inventory and sold back when I had my FFL. LOTS of stuff passed through back then that now I wish I had kept, but at the time it was a business selling guns, so with RARE exceptions, if I had a gun and someone met my price, it got sold.