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Thread: Make No Mistake-They Are Winning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punch The Clown View Post
    I'm going to get a burner phone
    Pay cash (tracing your cards)
    Wear a mask, shades and a hat (Facial recognition, not covid)
    Park your car a block away so it's not on the security camera (and hope it's not caught on a doorbell camera down the street)
    Leave your home to use it (or hide in the shower to use it so Google doesn't hear you)
    Welcome to the new liberal Land of the Free.

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    I remember seeing something years ago about a techie that only carried a dumb phone and had a landline and FAX machine at home - no computers!
    'They' are watching, and 'they' deny what we can see.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Punch The Clown View Post
    So here is where we stand under the progressive liberal takeover of our beloved country. Battle Tested is dead as a door nail. The one site where there were really no limits or restrictions on free speech maybe gets 1 post a week. Other forums I belong to are more active than BT but a ghost of their old selves. A neighborhood site I belong to is owned by mark fuckerberg so anytime I post on there it's about a 80% chance the post will disappear, I will get a two week suspension, or both. My friends (yes I have friends) will no longer talk politics, firearms, or anything that isn't fuck jewmer (did I spell that correctly?)approved on the telephone. My wife unplugged google assistant and alexa after I asked her where the nitrile gloves were and later that day when on the computer I get a pop-up ad for nitrile gloves. She thinks it's too coincidental to be a coincidence. (Thanks Yogi) I think as a free country we are finished.
    So it isn't just me, then? I was beginning to wonder who I had managed to piss off to the point that my posts that were "waiting for moderator approval" just weren't showing up about half the time, which also kept me from accessing the BM-59 section which was my primary interest here, as I picked up the kit and a 308 Garand barrel but no receiver yet, and wanted to learn more about these before spending even more money on going ahead with the project.

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