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Thread: CMP Has Rack Grades - $650

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    Cool CMP Has Rack Grades - $650

    I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same? Prices are up, but they're available!


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    Given that historically there has been a $100 difference in the price of Rack and Field Grade M1s and another Benjamin from Field to Service, a new price of $850 can be estimated for the SG rifle. Also some people with RG orders have recently been offered a SG upgrade for only $100 as an enticement. So likely SGs will go for at least $850, if/when they return. However, given the continuing demand, I wouldn't be surprised by a kilobuck SG price tag.

    As I unfortunately live in the Peoples Republic of Kaliforniastan, I must pay sales tax, FFL receiving fees and DROS to get a CMP SG M1, or an additional $200 or so. That exits me from the market, will have to be content with what I've already purchased. Still have fond memories of Greek Air Force returns as well as really special Specials (Collector metal with new wood).
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