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  1. IHC sales
  2. What's going on at the CMP
  3. CMP rifles, do they even have original springs?
  4. I Was Hosed By The CMP Big Time!
  5. Ask Orest, Closed pending investigation?
  6. Collector Grades
  7. Whining and Complaining Has Started Again
  8. Face-palm
  9. Tag lines are gone?
  10. Price increases
  11. If it's any consolation, rt40 was exposed on the CMP
  12. Not RT40, but it still might be fun to watch.
  13. Say what?
  14. Fedex STINKS
  15. Marines peeing thread closed
  16. So how long is it until...
  17. Limits for inventory not yet advertised... "just in case"
  18. I think they call it DRAMA...
  19. Gravy Train is slowing a bit...
  20. Should I send this service grade back?
  21. Silly Orlando... don't you know better?
  22. auction reports????
  23. Feedback
  24. Ammo sales at the matches - policy change?
  25. I have seen it all now!!!
  26. Greek Markings...what say ye?
  27. The Hammbone says,"it's not fair"
  28. Home Depot Anyone?
  29. WTS antics on the CMP....
  30. Another "It isnt fair" Waaaaa
  31. Service Grade Score of the Year?
  32. I guess I take a perverse interest in the postings of certain people on the CMP site.
  33. Riddle me this...
  34. Sign Me Up!!! Not!
  35. That M14 has some serious issues.
  36. Come watch my pansy a$$ get flogged!
  37. Figured you guys would like this...
  38. Worth a look.
  39. Beginners Luck??
  40. Not Orest, but...
  41. Are we there yet? Are we there yet??
  42. A Good read
  43. cmp forum members get more pathetic every day
  44. The demand has hit...
  45. Lake City Carbine Ammo
  46. Quoth the Raven
  47. CMP Newsletter regarding M1 Garand sales to New York buyers
  48. CMP Sold out of SA Field and Service Grades
  49. CMP Fourm aka The Dancing for Grandpa Show
  50. Not CMP...more Raven fun...
  51. CMP 'waiting list'
  52. CMP expects Tractor Rifles?
  53. Take me home
  54. North Store pics
  55. CMP auction, rear sights
  56. CMP Backlog!
  57. $20 winnie, but I don't want to pick a fight
  58. CMP Armorer stations and misc parts pictures
  59. CT buyers out of luck for CMP ammo.
  60. Amsdorf is pulling up stakes...
  61. Forum of late...
  62. They're Everywhere!
  63. HXP Brass for sale.
  64. Captainmagic, my new hero.
  65. CMP sale update...who saw it coming?
  66. Support the TROOPS!!!
  67. Wow...
  68. GCA convention news from Orest
  69. Are Pictures Enough?
  70. He can even evaluate rifles...
  71. Custom Shop Announced
  72. CMP now selling parts
  73. Looks like CMP to "ration" parts......
  74. This was probaly the WORST question to ask....
  75. CMP is the Second Coming!
  76. CMP parts question
  77. M-1 Garand Crates
  78. Sad times at the CMP retail store.
  79. CMP Parts
  80. nics Check At CMP Pro Shop?
  81. M14 Parts Kit (Grade A) CMP M14 Trade fourm
  82. Sounds as though CMP does build Correct Grades
  83. Not the CMP, but just as fun to read. :)
  84. Running out of parts?
  85. CMP Raises The Price Of HXP-And The Minions Bitch!
  86. Do You Think I'll Get Banned?
  87. We need to be ready when OREST puts the SPAm cans on sale..Help me watch..??
  88. Missed Opportunities..CMP sales and auctions
  89. Part Order/Shipping Timeline Question
  90. they forgot the CMP Kronie
  91. CMP North store January 2007
  92. The CMP--URGE iis Back??
  93. Who is sorting parts for CMP???
  94. CMP gets rid of buyer/seller feedback.
  95. Last words,, forged CMP documents for Correct Rifles..?
  96. Easter Miracle at the South Store!
  97. What in the hell?
  98. IHC's posted for sale on the CMP.
  99. The end must really be near. Orest is retiring.
  100. Another cmp auction
  101. Sales Update
  102. Punch the Clown Banned At The cmp!
  103. Fizbo Banned!!!!!!
  104. Orest Who???
  105. Did Orest Get Nina Her Job Or Vice-Versa?
  106. Hot Damn...reference the New Garand classes..
  107. New leadership/new price increase
  108. With "O" gone...............................
  109. Lets keep the drool (or worse) off the keyboard Gentlemen....
  110. What Does "On Topic" Mean?
  111. What About "The Mission"
  112. CMP to build "Tankers"
  113. Battle Tested Trip To Anniston
  114. This BS About the Rifle Next In Line Is Your Choice Is Plain BS
  115. Musketjon Banned From CMP Forum
  116. I Kicked the Addiction
  117. RatTurd40....................
  118. New M1D specials at CMP
  119. Punch back on the CMP forums???
  120. Mark Johnson really does not like to talk much on the CMP form does he.
  121. Agent Sales Removed From Store...
  122. What the heck??????????????
  123. They're Trying to Sell 1911A1's
  124. Huffington Post VS CMP
  125. CMP Auction..... Like New Winchester Garand
  126. What a GREAT Idea!
  127. G_d, Do I Hate lapriester!
  128. CMP shuts forsale down
  129. Who's Who?
  130. IHC's Available Again
  131. Acronym CMP
  132. Check out this NRA bashing thread on the CMP forum
  133. Sweet $100,000
  134. Gotten sick and fffing tired of CMP's "non profit" corporation status
  135. CMP thread on M14 Garand receiver mod
  136. Wow! Packed To The Rafters!
  137. CMP to sell 1911s.
  138. Whats this guy smoking?
  139. battle tested circus tent
  140. Oh the drama!
  141. I Predicted This 3 Years Ago-Tim Will Verify. I Stand By My Prediction
  142. The Dupage Malcontents
  143. 86,000 Philipine Garands Coming Home?
  144. Tim's Chop Shop
  145. Sounds like price fixing to me....
  146. How Many Emails...
  147. Turkish Rifles Ready For Inspection And Minor Adjustments
  148. Big Fun Match This Weekend At Talladega!
  149. ssgtdt and fogtripper
  150. So What IS Going on at the CMP?
  151. Pitted IHC's For Only $1250
  152. Did The cmp Give Creedmoor The Boot?
  153. RT40's Dad passed
  154. CMP needs to standardize service rifle reticle types
  155. They're Making Up Songs
  156. 1911's New Set Of Specs
  157. North Store Open
  158. Is there any way to tell if the South Store would have a M1 drill rifle in stock?
  159. Ordered 6 Service Grades