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  1. Welcome
  2. Now register your gold amd silver
  3. Great post from suguns.....Well stated view about those who would restrict our rights
  4. very cool!
  5. 13 boys with gonads!!
  6. Survey done by PolicOne inregards to 2nd and Politics
  7. 2nd amendment agrument from Cuban Communist survivor
  8. New York to get the shaft!
  9. Letters From The White House
  10. PTR Leaves ct.
  11. 1 Samuel 13:19
  12. A Taste of Things To Come
  13. National Guard in Boston=Is This Legal?
  14. Goodbye Sandy Hook-Hello Boston!
  15. It Starts-Boston Bomber Has An Assault Rifle!
  16. Searching for bombibg suspect....residual damage
  17. Arrested for "Rudely Displaying Firearm"
  18. F#*@ing Lazy Gun!
  19. Yahoo "News"
  20. I'm in the pit of despair...
  21. Schools: Shouldn't the Rights of Americans and the Constitution be taught in them?
  22. obama Is A Real Sore Loser, Isn't He/It.
  23. Why We'll Have Another democrat After obama
  24. Farmer scandal
  25. Oh my,a pro gun article on Yahoo?
  26. Maybe a good argument for hi cap magazines.
  27. Worlds First 3D Printed Handgun
  28. Good read!! Just the facts maam,Just the Facts!!!
  29. excellent opinion piece
  30. My point of view
  31. Logic 101
  32. One of my favorite states is now sucking me dry.
  33. Rationale for high capacity mags
  34. Memorial Day
  35. I Think I Figured Out democrats
  36. Does someone have to go?
  37. Recognizing A Liberal
  38. chris christie Tours The jersey Shore
  39. Finally Some Good News
  40. Miracle! Nj legislature gets it right!!!!!!!!!!!
  41. America's Gun
  42. It's going down in Canada
  43. The libtards Will Never Understand
  44. anthony weiner Is Still Sexting!
  45. weiner Stole My nom de plume!
  46. M14 and police
  47. Good Luck Detroit!!!
  48. Who needs a law
  49. Obama Executive Order to End the CMP
  50. The 1774 import ban that started a revolution
  51. H.R. 2910 Bill to end all part kits & 80% receivers
  52. politicians, news reporters And tragedy profiteers-The Greatest Dangers To America
  53. I need your help on this Bill H.R.2247
  54. COLORADD I see Morse capitulated...Good Job! How about Giron?
  55. A quiet moment to reflect
  56. Have any of you ever seen this airhead speak for the state department?
  57. Shooting In washington dc. Here We Go Again!
  58. The post office Should Go Under!
  59. Authorize.net looks to be starting to enforce policy
  60. We have a government shutdown!
  61. Well, no holds barred at Drudge.....(may not be work safe)
  62. Dc shooting
  63. Wonder if Congress has been asked this one?????
  64. Here you go! $98 buy price for 1lb of Bullseye
  65. Democrats are worried!
  66. Look Here
  67. If they can't take our firearms, they will take our lead...
  68. Did you send your check? No, the extra one.
  69. This Guy Hits The Nail Right On The Head!
  70. $600,000,000.00 for a website?
  71. Sioux Falls SD no Pledge of allegiance
  72. What a douche
  73. obama gives oprah a medal!
  74. creigh deeds stabbed by son, a democrat.
  75. Nobody going to mention the dastardly deed done today?
  76. Nfl rejests this commercial for Super Bowl!!
  77. America's Gun:The Rise of the AR-15-cnbc libtard leftist Propaganda at it's Finest
  78. 4 Out of 5 Think This Is For Real! rev dr al sharpto jr esq llc Isa Comin!
  79. Political tricker will be on display
  80. GM Elects New CEO & It's a
  81. No political talk at your government "job" unless it's the right kind!
  82. Are you Kidding me!
  83. This is what politicians love to do. "Rape Insurance Bill"
  84. Here guys, have fun.
  85. Confiscation-The Only Solution
  86. What Is The Biggest Fear The Sandy Hook Parents Have?
  87. Colorado shooter is another commie/socialist
  88. 113th Congress-One Of The Best Ever!
  89. So Duck Dynasty is in trouble.
  90. Another lie by oboombya "Your plan is substandard"
  91. Anyone Else Say The Pledge And Morning Prayers In Public School?
  92. Imagine that
  93. 90 Year old defends himself
  94. Only Muslims can use the word Allah in Malaysia
  95. And The liberals Danced And They Celebrated And We Can All Sleep Easier Tonight
  96. Who didn't see this coming...
  97. Glad these could be registered and sold...
  98. Fifteen Year Old Understands-Why Can't The Libtards?
  99. The Purdue University Murderer of recent.
  100. This is how you speak about common liberals.
  101. You just won't believe this.
  102. Fox answers Obomer.
  103. From anoher site...looks like New Jersey is looking to employ new nazi's
  104. A filthy part of the "greatest generation" dead.
  105. oboombya affordable care act hits like a ball bat!
  106. Connecticut fails, a "republican" fails us all.
  107. Utah throws away school lunches
  108. democrats Trying To Decide On The Minimum Wage
  109. Mom chases off thugs with AK high point and police chief says good shooting.
  110. Freedom or Bigotry?
  111. Piers Morgan and CNN Plan End to His Prime-Time Show Oh, what a shame....
  112. "Ukraine: Russia Delivers 'Assault Storm' Deadline" Cripes...Lucky we got Obama
  113. Putin and Obama....BEST ammo salesmen around..
  114. "Janitor in fatal shooting of two Milwaukee teens has gun permit"
  115. Death of Old Cow
  116. How can they get higher???
  117. A Real Patriot!!
  118. news
  119. College Athletes can unionize??
  120. How come no media coverage??
  121. Funny!!!
  122. Absolutly Unbeleiveable!!
  123. Concealed Carry On Base
  124. The Nevada BLM thing
  125. Bo's media switching attention again!!
  126. Netflix
  127. Helping out the CMP - Contact representatives
  128. If you are a Marine, how do you feel about how some of your "brothers" are treated?
  129. Moral Standards
  130. Little news from the Wolverine State
  131. Memorial Day 2014
  132. wanna take a lefty gun poll?
  133. Eric Cantor
  134. Good video!
  135. another good ONE!!!
  136. Awesome!!!
  137. In Case You Wondered Where The Iranian Garands Went...
  138. Local politics gun nuts.
  139. Uxbridge PD: Stop Pooping on Trains From Overpass
  140. Hoppe's 9-You Won't Believe This One!
  141. Obobo's new executive order
  142. Rawhide WARNED US!!!!!
  143. A note from Clint Eastwood
  144. James Brady died today...
  145. Only in texas.
  146. No Way!!! Seriously, I dont believe it!!!
  147. I need help!!!
  148. I gotta vent
  149. This is real dis-respect.
  150. A démocrat with a gun.
  151. Military Surplus to your Local Police dept. WHAT????
  152. that larry gatlin guy!!!
  153. It's Almost Autumn And I'm Dreaming Of
  154. Sons of Guns TV show Kaput--deservingly so...
  155. Speaking of "How was your Labor Day?"....The Islamist just chopped another head off..
  156. Cleveland Ohio Gun Buy Back Program
  157. Local (Racine, WI) Democratic get out the vote rally!!!
  158. Might me nice to have a leader people trust---Safari business bad in Afica----
  159. A Prayer For Tomorrows Election
  160. A Question for you guys downstate (NYC Area)
  161. Local School Consider Arming Teachers
  162. No Bias Crime Here-Move Along
  163. Wolves back on the endangered list...
  164. OMG They are gonna go nuts over this
  165. Accident Or Not?
  166. Watch this thru.Very interesting.
  167. wonder WHY??? I hate the gunberment
  168. Father Jonathan speaks OUT!!!
  169. SAY Goodbye Handguns!!!
  170. BATFE proposal to ban M855 AR-15 ammo
  171. Congressman Sensenbrenner re-introduced legislation to abolish the ATF
  172. NC Congressman sponsors bill to help recovered mental patients restore 2A rights
  173. ATF Director quits
  174. watch the whole thing!!!
  175. Law suit thorwn out against vendors over Colorado theater shooting.
  176. I Love Indiana!!!
  177. 'Ya gotta love America... Pizza parlot libs shut down takes in $750,000.
  178. Hot Damn. Sarah Brady Died Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  179. How will we fund it?
  180. No more FTF gun sales in Louisiana!
  181. Illegal to live "off the grid"
  182. Mike Huckabee
  183. Fighting For My Rights
  184. Bend over LIBERALS!!!!
  185. we are all going to jail
  186. Dirty Harry Speaks!!!
  187. All the executive actions regarding federal firearms law being proposed by obama soon
  188. Notice of new Prosecutions ?
  189. Justice Kennedy said this wouldnt happen??
  190. Hmm!!!!
  191. Oh yeah!!
  192. I want honest OPINION??
  193. LMAO!!! Asking for less hours Now!!!
  194. Again!
  195. If you want to be mad read this!!!
  196. Another Theater Shooting
  197. Omg!!!
  198. The World Would Be A Better Place If (fill in the blank) Was Never Born
  199. The EPA-The New ATF
  200. Kahr Firearms moving to Pennsylvania
  201. Wal-Mart sold out to the anti-gunners
  202. More "Fear Of muslims" Hysteria-When Will It End???
  203. Found out one of my college lifeguard buddies served in SEAL Team 2 with the dude
  204. The American Dream
  205. Bad week in Wisconsin...Bye Bye Oscar Meyer and now an assault weapon ban...
  206. Seems like banning firearms is not enough..she now demands free tampons for all!
  207. Is it friday the 13th or April Fools ?
  208. Virginia to end conceal carry reciprocity with 25 states
  209. Oh, this don't sound good for New York...idiots proposing ammo purchase limits..
  210. So what's everyone's thoughts on the Oregon/Militia situation?
  211. Thoughts???
  212. obamy countdown clock
  213. Government has no right to own land. See attached
  214. The National Guard
  215. I Don't Have The Balls
  216. What does Obama think about this?
  217. AB1663, AB1664, Commiefornia
  218. Supreme Court Justice Scalia found dead of natural causes
  219. What about trump on supreme court nominees
  220. Boycott Budweiser!!
  221. You know your screwed when...
  222. Cruz is our best option
  223. So these two people from Michigan go to a Sanderes Rally....video
  224. What the HECK!!!
  225. My man!! Please watch till the end!!
  226. Assault Rifle Ban Would Have Prevented Dallas Shooting As Per obama And The libtards
  227. Conservatives Want Terrorists To Be Able To Buy Guns!!!
  228. You Have To See What europeans Do For Guns!!!
  229. Sherriff David Clark and CNN Don Lemon Not your typical CNN interview
  230. Massachusetts Bans Assault.Rifles
  231. Relitivity
  232. I was going to roll the dice with trump, that's over.
  233. A serious question?
  234. 17 days to go..!
  235. Wonder What's Going To Happen To President clinton?
  236. Well Tim, Sean, Colter, Buzzy, Scott, Keith, And All My Other Michigan Bros
  237. clinton Has Boots On The Ground While Trump Tweets?
  238. 3D Printers Are Now As Inexpensive As A Microwave Oven
  239. Ringling Bros. Is Closing Shop-Another Victory For peta And The libtards
  240. Was looking thru the "Gun Rights and Politics" posts regarding the election
  241. It's Tuesday....The President signs 5 more orders- Piplines back on
  242. Make some competition for the CMP, sign it!
  243. Im confused???
  244. A New Decree from The Man!!!!
  245. Katrina, Irene, and now Harvey.
  246. The elephant in the closet we're not talking about
  247. Flags to half-mast
  248. Bump Stocks Caused Las Vegas Carnage
  249. Lib Logic (or, the lack thereof)
  250. The Swamp Hag returns with a new and "improved" awb